The Debut Album Brainwashed is out now.

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Stream Newest Single “Vulture”(07.13.18)



Photographed by Kenzie Maroney


“Blood + Guts is about never giving up and trusting your intuition. I want to show people that they can make their dreams a reality and still always be themselves unapologetically.” - Billboard

“A 22-year-old Atlanta transplant, Benjamin Poss’ unique brand of empowering pop aims to take on the current "woke pop" movement from a more genuine perspective— that of a queer pop artist making a name for himself in the Country Music Capital of the World. And while his tracks are polished, synth-heavy bops, Poss' songwriting remains true to its earnest Nashville roots.” - No Country For New Nashville

“He’s constantly got something to say in his songs, and sorta combines this Nashville vocal with really slick LA pop production. He’s very unique.” - Project U


The self-made manifestation of a Lady Gaga and David Bowie archetype, Benjamin Poss is a new generation of the millennial superstar. Growing up on Britney SpearsShania TwainMichael Jackson, he is a true hybrid of the reinvention of Glam Rock and early 00's pop gold. From giving private living room shows for family and friends to performing in front of his self proclaimed fan base, The Posse, Benjamin is an icon even though the world doesn't know it yet. His debut album, Brainwashed, was released in 2017 in spark of a dense and dark political climate. It is vulnerable and revolutionary for our current era. It includes powerhouse pop records like Blood + Guts, Skin, and Just A Dream. He most recently released his single, Vulture, which shows us another side we have not seen of him until now. Poss is a force to be reckoned with and we will be seeing much more from him in the years to come.